Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrift Store Find!

I have been praying to come across one of these little babies for a long time so when I came across it for 5 dollars today at the thrift store, I picked it up immediately! I couldn't wait to get it home!

The first thing I did was paint the wooden base black. I had a couple of different ideas floating around but as soon as I thought of painting polka dots on the glass, I knew what I wanted to do for sure. I used a really cool tool that I found in my moms craft room since I was at her house today. (She has more crafting stuff then the craft store...) I really need to find me one of these because it made the dots EXTREMELY easy!

Next, I chose the ribbon and decided to pick out an embellishment to attach as well. She actually does have her craft room kind of set up like a store so I quickly found some really cool skeleton key embellishments and chose one to use.

I looked through this stash of ribbon...

And then this one...

And then finally found some in this one... (believe it or not, there is two more stashes...)

After everything was dried and tied on, I was done with probably one of the easiest projects I have done in a while and I could not be happier with it!


  1. Very cute. You can never go wrong with black and white and polka dots.

  2. You really did make that your own. Very nice.

    Can I come over and play in your mom's craft room? It looks like so much fun.

  3. Super cute... I'm loving the polka dots and that bow! Vicki

  4. fun! I see a theme going on here. Your blog colors and your project colors! :)