Saturday, July 2, 2011

Outdoor Thermometer!

I have really been wanting a thermometer for my back porch but don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I found some really cute ones at hobby lobby for only 9.99 which I could have got for 50% off; however, I live in the Texas panhandle and you just cant leave light weight objects outside or they will very quickly be blown to oklahoma! I needed something sturdy so this is what I did:

I found this BIG thermometer at the dollar tree and then bought the large wooden plaque at hobby lobby for 50% off! Cheap!!

First thing I did was paint the wooden plaque. I am about to repaint my house and I know the shutters are going to be black so I went ahead and painted it black, trying to plan ahead! (yes, I put things on soup cans to paint.... that a whole other post tho!)

About half way through painting, I realized I hadn't drilled holes so I went ahead and did that. I knew I was going to be using ribbon so I did a little bit of a bigger hole that I would normally do.

This was the first paint job I did... which I loved... because I loooooovvvvvveeeeee mamoth ANYTHING! .... but once I got to the next step, my entire design was covered up and it made no sense. So I had to sand it down and regroup...

This was my second paing job. This time, I was sure to figure in room for the thermometer.

Next, I tied a cute little bow through the two holes and curled the ribbon. I tried to glue the thermometer using gorilla glue but it just wasn't working out and I am pretty sure I just got impatient waiting for it to dry so instead, I ended up attaching the thermometer with 3Ms removeable velcro strips. I also used the strips to hang it up outside.

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  1. wow! great job of marrying the two objects! Love the fun paint job!