Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Am I the only one???

Unfinished projects

I am sure that I am the only one who has this problem, but I seem to have a serious problem with finishing projects! I get an idea and I get super excited so I run to the Lobby or Lowes and get everything I need for it and then I come home and I watch dr. phil   do dishes.... I never get around to doing the projects that I was dying to do before. If I made a list of all of the projects I had started around this house, I would probably get laughed right out of blogland!! Seriously. Here are a few examples:

This is a big piece of wood that I started for some subway art that is just sitting in my front livingroom.... Josh asked me if I was trying to make some kind of statement... guess thats a hint I should finish it!

This is our back livingroom... I know it is super sad! We call it "the catch all". We never use it so what ends up happening is that I end up putting all of my "projects" in it until I can get to them!

This is another area in the back livingroom. This is where I keep all of my craft stuff and I would really like to turn it into my craft area.

This is the ugly eye sore of a filing cabinet that we have to have for our business. Can I tell you that I HATE this filing cabinet but promised butthead prince charming that I would just work around it and decorate it to make it look better... still not done yet

All of the totes that you see throughout the pictures are literally totes full of home decor stuff. I just need to find everything a place but when you have done as much remodeling as us, it gets daunting.

Last picture is an example of all of the empty shelves I have around here. Need to get them filled.

So, I am vowing, from today on to get busy on these projects!! Hopefully this result in a lot of posts for you to see and a prettier house for me!


  1. I wish you all the best on accomplishing your projects and I totally feel your pain. You are brave for putting up all the pictures though because I wouldn't dare share mine! :)

  2. Oh yea I know what you're talking about. I also have one million projects to finish. I always do little bits here, little bits there, but never actually get enough done to finish anything!