Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer of projects!

So I have decided to really crack down on my crafting! My house is desperate so I need to get serious! You would think that being a stay at home mom would allow for plenty of crafting time but it is definitely not the case!!!


Me and my neighbor, Kandus, have decided to hold each other accountable and work together to get some much needed projects done around our houses. What was our first project??? Her office!

Her husband, Jason, was going to be out of town for four days so we decided to get serious and surprise him.

Here is the before:

The people that lived there before attempted to do the paper bag texture on the walls (where you glue crinkled up paper bag on the wall) and although it can be a cool texture, they did not due it right and they also put it in about HALF of the rooms in her house.... it needed to go! We later discovered the reason that they had done this texture, was to cover up the fist sized holes that someone had put in the wall... thats right, they stuffed wrapping paper into holes and covered over it with brown paper bag... classy!

So on day one, we got to peeling... and we peeled... and peeled:

After you peel off the big pieces, you have to wash off the smaller pieces and all of the glue... oh the glue! Then we primed:

Next we painted. We decided to do a deep color on the bottom and a lighter on top to give the room some depth but not make it feel smaller. She also wanted to put a chair railing up with some baseboard to create clean lines. Here is the finished project:

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  1. What a transformation! I can't believe they filled those holes with paper bags... I know it was a pain, but from a more objective distance, that's pretty funny ;) Can't wait to see what else your summer crafting/projecting holds.