Sunday, September 19, 2010

My not so spooky, spooky sign

Ok so this is the first year that I have really decorated for halloween and I love it! This being my first year and all though, I just can't bring myself to add the "spook" factor that some of you brave girls do, BUT I did really want a sign that said spooky. So although I am not brave enough for the spiders just yet, this is my take at a "spooky" sign! It was really easy!

I got this plywood for FREE from Lowes the other day because it had been in the scrap bin for a while!! I was excited! I cut it down to 6x15 and then painted it with my acrylic paint. I just scrapbooking ink to give it the stained look (just because I am lazy and it is waaaaay easier). Next I deco'd the "spooky" on and walla I was done!

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