Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zebra Garland

So I have a long built-in right next to my table in the dining room. I refinished the ugly blue laminate to black stained concrete recently and I was wanting some type of garland to go across it. I already have a berry garland on the table so I decided to do light up garland from a strand of christmas lights that I had left!

I got a couple of different spools of red, black and white ribbon. I also found some zebra print at the Lobby so I used two spools of it as well! This takes A LOT of ribbon so you want to get it on sale. The more wired ribbon you have the better because you can play with it to make the garland look fuller. I cut all of the ribbon to 8" and then just figured out a pattern to tie it on. It takes a while to get it tied on but that is pretty much the hardest part! I love the way it turned out!!!


  1. Very pretty! Love the zebra ribbon.
    Saw this on Someday crafts!

  2. I do the same thing but with strips of fabric. Easy way to use up some of your leftovers and too small to use pieces. And you can hang these babies anywhere that's the best part!

  3. Duh! Lights and ribbon! Why didn't I think of that!! I need to make one of these! Great idea! Looks fabulous too!